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Upper St. Croix Wine Trail

Nestled along the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway are five family-owned wineries that comprise the Upper St. Croix Wine Trail.  Along the trail are picturesque landscapes of the river valley, fertile farmlands and dense woodlands creating a set of special characteristics of geography, geology and climate that make our wines and our wineries unique and exceptional.

The Upper St. Croix is a fast growing wine region and a wonderful place to visit. As you travel from one winery to the next, there are restaurants, shops and trails to make your visit complete. The members of the Upper St. Croix Wine Trail invite you to explore the beauty of this trail and the great wines it has to offer. The Upper St. Croix Wine Trail is a self-guided wine trail; transportation is not provided.  Advance notice for groups, including buses and limos, is recommended.

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St. Croix Wine Trail

The St. Croix Wine Trail is home to three of Minnesota’s oldest wineries: Saint Croix Vineyards, Northern Vineyards and Winehaven. Spend a day or weekend visiting the wineries of the St. Croix Valley Wine Trail. Sample international, award-winning wines at each of the three locations and take in the breathtaking views of the St. Croix Valley.

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Heartland Wine Trail

Come explore Minnesota’s friendliest wine trail. Heartland Wine Trail connects a diverse group of wineries situated upon the prairie in the far west, the glacial lakes regions and the beautiful rolling river valleys.

Along with tasting some of the finest wines, consumers will receive an educational experience and a deeper appreciation for the expanding Minnesota wine industry and cold-hardy grapes.

Because of the vast differences in grape-growing regions represented on this trail, consumers will have a chance to taste a variety of wine styles made from the same grape varieties and experience the true meaning of “terroir.”

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Three Rivers Wine Trail

The Three Rivers Wine Trail is Minnesota’s first wine trail, comprised of five of Minnesota’s oldest wineries located within the Saint Croix, Mississippi and Cannon River Valleys. Wine lovers can spend a day or a weekend on the trail visiting the wineries amid lush valley scenery, sampling award-winning, locally produced wines.

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Great River Road Wine Trail

The Great River Road Wine Trail was founded in 2009 when nine wineries located near the Mississippi River in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa joined together to market their unique part of the world. Grape growers and wine makers benefit from the unique soils and climate of each region while visitors enjoy the beautiful landscapes. All this together makes the Great River Road Wine Trail a special place for travel and adventure while enjoying the fruits of their labor.

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